Another Woke Corporation Forgets Customer Base, Is Harshly Reminded on Social Media

Another woke corporation is facing heat after forgetting precisely who buys their products and thumbing their nose at their customers.

Women’s clothing company Anthropologie, apparently unaware of the Bud Light boycott, unveiled an Instagram reel Wednesday of a man twirling around in Anthropologie clothing. At one point in the reel, as the male model spins like a top in a sheer skirt, the skirt flies up, revealing why he is a man and not a woman. Check this out.

Anthropologie posted a reel Wednesday on Instagram featuring a man with a shaved haircut dancing around while trying on a variety of women’s clothing. In one shot, the man twirled around in a skirt, exposing his underwear.

Backlash and negative comments were so extreme that the social media team turned off comments on the reel. However, furious fans simply started commenting on a different reel.

It is as if Anthropologie and the fine minds on their marketing team have been living under a rock for the last month. Or else they simply don’t care. I’m not sure which is worse, but social media users were not happy at all.

“Pathetic to turn off comments. Way to silence the voices of the actual women who shop and wear your clothes. Hope that dude and his friends will come shop because I have a feeling you just lost more customers than you gained with this one,” one commenter wrote.

“Seriously? I don’t want to see a man’s bulge as he’s twirling in a dress. This is not the way to go Anthropologie. Looks like my recent purchases are going back to the store,” wrote another.

Perhaps the most scathing reminder of the Bud Light debacle came from another Instagram user.

At what point will companies figure out who their target audience is?? You guys obviously didn’t see what happened with Bud Light? Does anyone ever ask why it is we are always seeing men wanting to be women, dress as women??? Funny I haven’t seen one men’s clothing company go after the trans men market. Things that make you go hmmmm,” a third commenter agreed.

Other brands, such as Nike and lingerie brand Honey Birdette have lost customers and gained criticism after featuring men wearing their products made for women. At this point it is as if the #metoo movement never happened at all.

It appears that women are prepared to fight back, and the best way is with their money. Another Instagram user vowed to spend hers elsewhere.

“I’m so sad this is how you’ve chosen to represent your brand and women,” another person wrote. “My daughters and I thought of so many ways you could’ve highlighted women in your ad campaign such as abuse survivors, veterans, women who’ve started non profits or given back to their communities, cancer survivors, teachers, mothers, sisters, friends, the list goes on, and on, and on. So. Many. Choices!! I have loved your store for as long as I can remember, and I’ve now unfollowed you and will spend my money elsewhere. Just sad, for women everywhere!”

We overuse “go woke, go broke”, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t applicable and effective. Until these companies are hit in the wallet like AB has been in recent weeks, they will continue thumbing a nose at their core consumers. It won’t stop until we make it stop.


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