Biden Resurrects Trump Border Policy Ahead of Title 42 Repeal

It turns out not all of President Trump’s border policies were bad, after all! In a stunning reversal, the feckless Biden administration has brought back a Trump-era immigration rule the day before Title 42 is scheduled to cease and encourage a border invasion of illegal immigrants.

For context, the Trump-era rule disqualifies migrants from applying for asylum in the U.S. if they neglected to first apply for asylum in other countries they traveled through, such as Mexico. The administration has trained more than a hundred officers on exactly how to enforce the rule before the floodgates open on Thursday.

Biden’s reversal is a direct about-face from his campaign promises and flies against what he said in one of the last debates.:

When former President Donald Trump implemented the rule to contain illegal immigration, Biden was one of his most vocal critics. Biden used Trump’s immigration policies as a club during the 2020 presidential campaign.

“This is the first president in the history of the United States of America that anybody seeking asylum has to do it in another country,” Biden said during the final debate of the campaign. “That’s never happened before in America.”

That certainly aged poorly, as has Biden. President Trump had the border mostly on lockdown, and many of the policies Biden and his ilk decried actually worked. Now, 700 thousand are set to overrun our southern border, and the vast majority will be released with a date to appear in court, most of who will never show. Cities like El Paso, Texas, are already underwater:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection partnered with local and state law enforcement to begin sweeping thousands of illegal migrants off the streets of El Paso, Texas, one of the hotspots for illegal migration. El Paso Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser preemptively declared a state of emergency in the city. He has previously estimated that 15,000 migrants could be in position to flood into the city from Ciudad Juarez when Title 42 is ended.

Biden simply could have done nothing when he took office, and the border would still be in fair shape. Instead, he stripped away all of President Trump’s policies and halted wall construction while hamstringing Border Patrol at every turn. The result is a humanitarian disaster that is less than 24 hours from taking place.

Immigration officials have seen a steady surge in illegal migration in the weeks leading up to Title 42’s end. Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz reported on Monday that Border Patrol averaged nearly 9,000 migrant apprehensions per day and tallied over 7,000 gotaways, illegal immigrants who were seen entering the U.S. but could not be apprehended. On Tuesday, more than 11,000 migrants were reportedly caught crossing the southern border.

Fine work by open-borders-Biden and the Democrats. While Americans are struggling to make ends meet, Biden has been throwing money and benefits at people that shouldn’t be here. There is a pathway to citizenship, but Biden wants the path to be non-existent. Now we have a never-seen-before mess that is about to once again put a big, fat black eye on our country. Nice work, Joe.



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