Black Conservatives Call Out Democrats on Reparations: ‘Promise the Moon’ Then ‘Deliver Nothing’

Reparations are a hot button issue in most blue states, with Democrats making big promises to black voters, likely with no intention of following through. While most common sense folks know this to be the case, some black conservatives are sounding the alarm in hopes that other black folks don’t fall for the ruse.

Former Princeton professor, Dr. Carol Swain, told Fox News Digital:

“I would tell every Black American who believes that the Democrats will come up with a policy that will solve all their problems, and that money will solve all of their problems, to dig into the history,”

“Look at the people who are making those promises. Have they come through in the past? Why do you believe them now?”

Swain is of course referring to the endless promises the left makes to black people without ever delivering. In fact, the black community was in its best shape in decades under President Trump. Higher wages, lower unemployment and real change was taking place in the black community.

Unfortunately race-baiting hucksters looking to cull votes like Rep. Cori Bush D-Mo. continue to make outlandish promises of millions of dollars in payments that he surely knows will never happen.

On a federal level, Rep. Cori Bush D-Mo., alongside several other progressive lawmakers, unveiled the Reparations NOW resolution last week, calling for $14 trillion in reparations for Black Americans. 

Swain said Democrats are supporting reparations “not because they care about Black people,” but because they believe it will help them at the ballot box. 

Whether or not anyone thinks people living today that were never slaves and are living in states that never had slaves should be paid a penny, the fact remains that the kind of money being thrown around simply isn’t available. And if it was, it would be out of the pockets of people, mostly white, that never owned a slave.

Swain continued:

“The Democrats – this is what they do,” Swain said. “They see this as a way to get Black Americans all excited about 2024, believing that if they elect a Democrat president, that somehow that person will push it through Congress.”

“They promise the moon, they deliver nothing, and it’s more of the same.”

The call for reparations isn’t a new topic, but in our current political landscape it is a particularly divisive time to make it a talking point. Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said this:

“We’re just going to create one giant machete to chop this country in half, and the last thing we need is one more way to divide the American people,” Murdock said. “It’s a cynical bait and switch designed to manipulate Black voters for the betterment of the Democrat Party.”

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson agreed with Swain and Murdock when he said:

“Once the vote is over, they’ll say, ‘We’re still working on it.’ The next vote will come around, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, we’re almost there,’” Robinson told Fox News Digital. “It’s just simply a scheme to gain votes from voters. That’s all it is.”

“It’s a foolish idea,” Robinson said. “It’s not going to be possible to pay for these programs, and quite frankly, I don’t believe the people who are talking about it want to pay.”

Paying people for work done by people that lived well over a hundred years ago is ludicrous. Slavery was horrific, but it also wasn’t only black people, yet no one talks about the Asians, Irish, and others that were essentially slaves in previous centuries.

It is simply a carrot to get the black vote, and worse a carrot that they will never get.



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