Brett Favre Says America Was in ‘Better Shape’ Under Donald Trump

Brett Favre has never cared about people’s opinions. He has proven as much by being a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. He spun the left into a tizzy when he golfed with America’s 45th President back in summer 2020, and now he is likely to make leftists wet their diapers and spit out their binkey’s with his latest statements about the former President.

During his playing career, he was a brash, unapologetic gunslinger willing to talk trash to his coach, the opponent, and the media. Brett Favre simply doesn’t care about your feelings.

Recently in an interview with Jason Whitlock, Favre has some interesting hot-takes on the state of our country, President Trump, and the guy in the White House right now, among other things. According to Outkick, Favre told Whitlock this:

“I think our country was in better shape with [Trump],” 

While most American’s truly know this, whether they admit it or not, Favre is stating the obvious reality. However he isn’t afraid of getting cancelled after saying it. He elaborated:

“I think Donald was a non-political president, and I liked that about him. Was he perfect? Absolutely not. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. I’m flawed just like the rest of them. We’re all flawed. But, I really felt like he had our country in a better place and really cared about our people in our country. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, you name it. I think if you were an American citizen, he cared about you, first and foremost. I don’t know if our current president has the same mentality, our regime. I’m not knocking anyone. That’s just how I felt,”

Favre took a veiled shot at current President Joe Biden, implying that perhaps he doesn’t exactly prioritize Americans. A very fair point, considering what Biden has done to the country, while sending truck loads of cash overseas.

Favre went on to say the “focus” should be on the American people. He also hinted that his support for Trump has cost him financially, though he didn’t elaborate.

In one of the more interesting moments in the interview, the legendary signal caller weighed in on the flavor of the moment in America; the transgender controversy. He said:

“To think that a young man who identifies as a girl, I don’t understand — just hear me out — can go into a girl’s bathroom and use the restroom with girls, and for us to think that’s OK, I think is wrong. I’m sorry,”

While it is a position that polls show most Americans agree with, it is also one that regular people have to careful of when voicing, lest they get called into Human Resources and ordered into “training”, or worse.

That doesn’t bother Brett Favre, however. It appears Favre is ready to see his friend and former President Donald Trump make a triumphant return to the Oval Office in 2024. Favre openly stated in 2020 that his his vote is determined by freedom of speech, religion, gun rights and who supports the police and military. That clearly isn’t who is in the White House now, and sounds a lot like a former President that is now the GOP front runner.

Expect Favre to receive backlash for his interview, but don’t expect him to care, and that’s why so many of us love Brett Favre.


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