Denver City Council Member Wants To Tax White Business Owners; Guess What She Wants To Do With The Money?

If there’s one thing that liberals have proven themselves to be masterful at, it’s creating more of the very same things they claim to be fighting against. Take racism for example. Dolts who prescribe to radical left-wing ideas have come to the conclusion that basically, everything is racist. Spit your gum on the sidewalk? That’s not gross because it could stick to someone’s shoe. It’s gross because it’s racist. How you might ask, is this act one that is geared toward the oppression of minorities in society? I have no idea. But I’m sure if you go to college campus anywhere in the United States, you’ll find someone who says it is.

So it comes as absolutely no surprise to hear Democratic Denver City Council member Cande CdeBaca make the case for taxing the snot out of white business owners and give the money to black and brown business owners as a type of reparations. Because justice is making innocent people pay for the crimes of the guilty. Our society is a pair of clown shoes, ladies and gentlemen.

CdeBaca says she’s a totally unashamed communist, declaring with no shortage of pride back in 2019 that she “believe[s] in community ownership of land, labor, resources, and distribution of those resources” going on to note that she’s totally excited to make this happen by “any means necessary.”

That doesn’t sound ominous or threatening at all, now does it?

CdeBaca claimed during the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance Forum on Thursday that ‘capitalism was built on stolen land, stolen labor, and stolen resources,'” the Daily Wire reported.

“And a check today could not undo the cumulative impact of generations of that stolen wealth in all of those categories,” she went on to say. “And so I think it has to come in the form of land, labor, and resources in an ongoing fashion. And there are structures that we have that could be flipped to begin to do that reparations.”

The city councilwoman then made the claim that a current economic development plan concerning the Five Points neighborhood of Denver was picking the pockets of the businesses in the area because it would raise taxes.

“Instead of a bid collecting extra taxation from the black and brown businesses that are struggling, you could be collecting those extra taxes from white-led businesses all over the city and redistributing them to black and brown-owned businesses, who are not part of the bid, or who are simply just black or brown owned,” the radical communist said. “And that’s one way to give back in the business form fashion. I think when we talk about resources being returned, this is where consumer-owned or municipally-owned resources are important.”

CdeBaca then made an argument for handing out checks “in an ongoing fashion” to black and brown folks as form of reparations.

“And we need to go far beyond welfare wages and go to prosperous wages because we don’t want to just survive anymore and reparation’s goal should not be survival, it should be repairing the harm, which is this entire economy,” she added.

So you still think local politics doesn’t matter?

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