Elon Musk Picks New CEO To Run Twitter And His Choice Is Not Going Over Well

Current Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk has chosen a brand new CEO to take his place in the coming weeks, and his pick is not going over well with the vast majority of individuals who were hoping that things would change on the social media platform and make it a free speech platform where all voices would be recognized and allowed to voice their thoughts and opinions.

Musk chose advertising executive Linda Yaccarino to be his company’s new chief executive officer, a woman who has a lot of connections to the World Economic Forum and has been shown to be a big supporter of content moderation. And that’s exactly what people who urged Musk to take over the platform did not want in a person taking over the position. In all honesty, Musk should’ve just stayed put and improved the platform for all users.

The Daily Wire said, “Yaccarino, who departed from NBCUniversal this week after serving as the company’s chair of global advertising and partnerships for more than a decade, was confirmed as the new chief executive of Twitter on Friday. Musk remarked that she would ‘focus primarily on business operations’ while he directs his attention toward product design and technology.”

“Twitter users started to uncover the connections that Yaccarino holds to entities such as the World Economic Forum, for which she chairs the Taskforce on Future of Work and sits on the Media, Entertainment and Culture Industry Governors Steering Committee. The World Economic Forum is a leading proponent of stakeholder capitalism, an approach to investing that encourages executives to consider the needs of employees, communities, and other parties in addition to shareholders, and the use of corporate power to advance political agendas,” the report continued.

What’s weird about his choice is that Musk himself has smashed on the World Economic Forum earlier in the year for attempting to “be the boss” of the whole world as many of the world’s greatest business leaders, government officials, and organizations gathered together at the summit in Switzerland.

Yaccarino also once served as a member of the board for the Ad Council, which is a group that makes public service announcements for nonprofits and governments. She had a partnership with the Biden administration in order to start a campaign that featured Pope Francis to push the coronavirus vaccine on people.

Musk insisted on Friday that Yaccarino would not institute the shadow bans which frequently targeted conservatives under the previous management of Twitter. The phrase ‘RIP Twitter’ nevertheless trended on the platform after he officially announced her appointment to work as chief executive,” the Daily Wire said.

Users also unearthed an interview Yaccarino conducted with Musk last month in which she pressed him to amend his own spontaneous use of the platform and contended that advertisers ‘need to feel that there is an opportunity for them to influence’ the site with respect to ‘content moderation,'” DW stated.

The two butted heads again as she asked Musk to put the “well populated, much loved influence council” back in place before he bought out the company last year. Musk responded by saying that he would be “worried about creating a backlash among the public” should users feel their views are “being determined” by a group of marketing executives.

Well, he has good instincts in that regard.

“It’s totally cool to say that you want to have your advertising appear in certain places on Twitter and not in other places, but it is not cool to try to say what Twitter will do,” he commented. “And if that means losing advertising dollars, we lose it, but freedom of speech is paramount.”

All we want is the freedom to speak our minds. Why is this so hard for folks to grasp? Just allow people to express themselves regardless of where they stand on important issues. So simple.

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