FEC Filings Reveal Another Hat Tossed Into The Ring For GOP Presidential Nomination

Well, new paperwork filed with the Federal Election Commission has revealed another hat has been thrown into the ring for the Republican Party presidential nomination, and it’s none other than South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott.

A formal announcement from Scott is expected to hit on Monday in the senator’s home state, according to a report from CNN.

Scott will enter the presidential race with about $22 million cash on hand, according to The New York Times. He has so far lagged in the polls, hovering around 2% and far behind the leading GOP primary contender, former President Donald Trump,” the Daily Wire said. “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is also leading Scott by a significant margin, though DeSantis has yet to officially enter the race for the White House.”

After Scott officially launches his bid for the White House, he’s expected to kick off his campaign by traveling to both Iowa and New Hampshire, which is where the first two Republican primaries will be held. Data has revealed that the South Carolina senator has reserved $6 million in ad buys in both of those states, which are slated to start running next week. The ads will run all the way through the first GOP presidential debate, which is scheduled to take place in August.

This news doesn’t come as a shock, as Scott has been dropping hints for months now that he was planning to run for the presidency. Many of the remarks he’s made in public have been rather positive, playing off his personal background of having pulled himself out of poverty to be the first black senator in the state of South Carolina.

“Americans are losing one of the most inspirational truths we have, which is hope — hope that things can and will get better, hope that education and hard work can equal prosperity, hope that we remain a city on a hill, a shining example of what can be when free people decide to join hands in self-governance,” Scott went on to say last year in a speech he delivered at the Reagan Library.

“America stands at a crossroads,” he stated, “with the potential for a great resetting, a renewal, even a rebirth — where we get to choose how we will meet the potential of today and the promise of tomorrow.”

While it’s nice to see so many solid choices running for president, let’s face reality. It’s all going to come down to DeSantis and Trump. Which one of the two will it be? Looking at the polling data, I’d have to say at this point it’s looking like Trump is once again going to be the GOP nominee facing off against Joe Biden in the biggest rematch since Ali vs. Frazier.

The only way I could potentially see things being different is if something happens to pull Trump out of the race. And let me tell you, the Democrats are doing all they can to try and make that happen. However, they have been attacking Trump ever since he announced his first campaign back in 2015 and have failed in every single attempt to take him down. So it’s still looking good for the former president. At least for now.


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