Female Lifeguard Applicant Who Identifies As Man ‘Bares Breasts’ In Front Kids At Pool

A biological woman who identifies as a man applied to be a lifeguard exposed her “bare breasts” in front of several dozen children at  a local pool in Jacksonville, Florida a week ago, according to local media outlet, WJAX-TV. And this is one of the big concerns with transgender individuals and their delusions being played out in the general public. This is obviously a big problem.

According to a report from TheBlaze, the station went on to reveal the incident happened at Cecil Aquatic Center while a group tryout for an open lifeguard position was going on.

“This incident happened Thursday of last week at Cecil Pool. A transgender person, a female who identifies as male, removed their shirt exposing their bare breasts, and completed a portion of the training with 20 other trainees. While we cannot confirm the age of the individuals participating in the training, JaxParks recruits lifeguards starting at age 15. This occurred within view of several dozen children and their parents sharing the same pool at the same time,” a statement from the city read.

Sources with City Hall have revealed the applicant will not be hired by the City of Jacksonville for the position.

“Cielo Sunsarae, executive director and founder of Queer Trans Project, told WJAX the city is being unfair to the transgender lifeguard applicant who was ‘coming for a position to protect the children and people at the pool’ and was ‘denied’ the job for a reason ‘completely not related to it,'” the report continued.

“Kids don’t sexualize breasts,” Sunsarae said in a comment to the station. “It’s the adults that are making it out bigger than what it is. What is the difference if the person had top surgery or not?”

It’s simply inappropriate for a woman, and yes, that’s what she is, a biological woman, to be nude in front of small children out in the public like this. Why is this basic standard of societal decency so hard for these people to understand?

The city’s mayor, Lenny Curry, offered a different tone in a statement released to the media on the situation.

“Through a citizen expressing concerns, my administration became aware of an incident where a biological female trainee in a lifeguard program was topless at one of our public pools,” Curry wrote. “After consideration of the incident, I believe it is wrong for our public pools to be a place where Jacksonville families are forced to explain to their children why a person hired to protect public safety is exposing her breasts.”

He continued, “I see no reason for our lifeguards to be forced to make changes to existing rules mandating that biological females cover their chests. Our parks and public pools are meant to be a place where families can feel safe to enjoy themselves. We shouldn’t force parents of young children to be caught in the crossfire of battles over wokeism.”

Comments on the WJAX story give a pretty good indication of how folks are really feeling about the situation, with one user saying the world is out of control and referring to the transgender individual as being sick.

Another stated that if the person in this story wanted respected, they needed to show some to other people, noting that indecent exposure is against the law.

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