Ferrari Gears Down on EV’s, Will Stick to Combustion Engines

Legendary Italian sports car maker Ferrari announced on Sunday that they are gearing down on electric vehicles and sticking to the tried-and-true traditional combustion engine, at least until 2040. The announcement comes as automakers are practically tripping over themselves to tout electric vehicles and rush new ones into production to meet the insane standards set by the failing Biden administration.

For their part, Ferrari will continue the 8 and 12-cylinder power plants that run their legendary muscle cars. It is an important move as so many automakers are eschewing what the public clearly wants, gas-powered cars, in favor of a political agenda that just isn’t sustainable. Ferrari had this to say:

The chief of the Italian manufacturer told the BBC in an interview it would be “arrogant” to dictate to customers what they can buy while at the same time walking away from the company’s heritage.

Ferrari instead wants to honor its history of high performance cars using traditional methods of propulsion.

This doesn’t mean the company won’t introduce some electric models as alternatives to traditional gas-powered cars. Instead, Ferrari is going to make them an alternative. Indeed, an alternative is all the expensive, unreliable electric vehicles should be. High-end or city drivers might consider the EV because of the limited miles they drive, and the limited range electric cars provide. They are also fine alternatives for heavily populated areas with higher pollution. However, for country or middle America where charging is at a minimum, and lower-income people almost always are forced to do some type of labor on their vehicles themselves to save money, electric vehicles simply aren’t an option.

It said electric cars and hybrids would make up an increasing proportion of its range by the end of the decade but would not totally take over manufacturing output.

Ferrari also insisted it would continue to develop internal combustion engines to salute what it called “an essential part of the company’s heritage.”

“I don’t want to be arrogant and impose a choice on our client,” he said.

“It is the client who must choose if they want an ICE (internal combustion engine), a hybrid or an electric car.”

That, indeed is at the root of the issue. It should be a choice. The government has no right to dictate what type of car you can drive based on some scurrilous data from scientists aligned with a far-left ideology. If the issue were truly the climate, then electric vehicles, considering the precious metals and the punishment mining them inflicts on the planet, would not even be on the table.

According to Forbes, raw material-wise, we will be in big trouble unless we dig, baby, dig.

A projected sixfold surge in demand for lithium-ion batteries over the next decade means up to 384 additional graphite, lithium, nickel and cobalt mines may be needed by 2035 to supply all those new EVs, industry forecaster Benchmark Minerals said in a report. Even a big increase in battery recycling, as planned by companies including Redwood Materials and Li-Cycle, would only cut the number of new mines to 336, according to Benchmark.

“​​We’re heading toward an extreme cliff that, unfortunately, our industry needed to invest $100 billion five years ago to avoid,” Brian Menell, chairman and CEO of TechMet, a Dublin-based firm that’s backing companies producing and processing EV battery metals, told Forbes. “Over a two- to three-year horizon, the pain is going to become severe. And that pain is going to grow over the subsequent five to eight years from a constrained supply of battery metals.”

Props to Ferrari for digging in and ensuring electric is what should always be; an alternative. The rush to “go green” will be costly and a nightmare for the environment. It won’t be Americans suffering from the ecological disaster, as we have almost none of the raw materials here. Rather, underdeveloped countries will be plundered for their precious metals all in the name of a leftist theology. Hopefully, more automakers will see the folly of Joe Biden’s policies and reverse course before it is too late.




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