Hunter Biden, Using One Of Washington’s Most Expensive Lawyers, Just Made This Claim In Paternity Case

President Joe Biden’s deadbeat of a son, Hunter Biden, a man who has been exposed as having been involved in some sort of influence peddling scheme involving his dad and foreign actors, is currently using one of the most expensive attorneys in the D.C., area, but somehow had the audacity to claim he’s in poverty as a defense to get out of paying child support for the daughter he had out-of-wedlock during a hearing on Monday.

This guy is a scumbag of the lowest caliber. Can you imagine what a terrible dad this guy is? Clearly, he’s not a big believer in taking personal responsibility for his actions, a trait he has inherited from his own father who also refuses to own up to the massive incompetence and disastrous policies he’s enacted since taking over the Oval Office.

“The first son was ordered to appear in person for all paternity hearings relating to his 4-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts in Arkansas. Biden previously denied being her father before his former flame, Lunden Roberts, proved his paternity through a DNA test. The parties agreed to a settlement for child support in 2020, but the first son asked the court to adjust his payments in 2022, reopening the case,” the Daily Caller reported.

Biden’s attorneys said Monday he already paid $750,000 in child support, and that he could not afford to continue paying the mother $20,000 a month due to his financial troubles. His team claimed he has so little money, he was forced to sleep on a ‘cot’ during the president’s recent trip to Ireland and had his Porsche repossessed, the Washington Free Beacon reported. His attorneys also claimed he currently makes no salary, according to the outlet,” the report continued.

Hunter, who also happens to be a painter, as in a loose application of the phrase “artist,” has actually offered to sell his work, which some critics referred to as macaroni art, for $500,000 a piece, according to the New York Post.

Roberts’ lawyer, Clint Lancaster, claimed in a motion that was filed last Thursday that Biden was using “some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth” to attempt making his poverty case, which is a pretty bad look, wouldn’t you agree?

Biden’s legal team includes notable Washington, D.C., lawyer Abbe David Lowell, who Lancaster claimed charges $855 per billable hour. The average D.C. lawyer charges anywhere from $185 to $541 per hour, according to Clio’s 2022 Legal Trends Report,” the Daily Caller said.

“If Mr. Biden can afford a Washington DC, Hollywood, Chicago biglaw, and the best domestic relations attorney on the Texas side of the Texarkana border, he surely must have income for child support purposes,” Lancaster went on to state in the filing, according to the Post’s report.

The judge has issued an order for both parties to return with discovery documents by May 12.

“Lancaster also claimed Biden has not provided sufficient answers about his finances, including his automobiles, his art deals, foreign money ‘from China or Ukraine,’ money received from the Biden family, all flights and hotels booked in the relevant time period and money received from Kevin Morris and President Joe Biden, the Arkansas Times reported,” the report revealed.

Hunter has, according to Lancaster, refused to see his daughter, again, proving this guy is an absolutely disgusting sack of horse manure.

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