Majority Of American Voters Don’t Believe Biden Is Calling The Shots

New reports have revealed that a huge portion of American voters don’t actually believe that President Joe Biden is actually calling the shots from the White House, more or less making him the illusion seen in “The Wizard of Oz,” rather than the person who is behind the curtain pulling the strings. A lot of this stems from the fact Biden is an 80-year-old man and has demonstrated, on occasions too numerous to detail here, that he isn’t playing with a full deck of cards.

According to the Washington Examiner, a new survey put out by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that 55 percent of voters feel that “others are making decisions for him behind the scenes,” while only 38 percent stated that they feel Biden is “really doing” the job of the commander-in-chief.

“For the first time, a majority of U.S. voters say Joe Biden isn’t in the driver’s seat,” Rasmussen shared in a tweet.

Mark Mitchell, chief pollster, commented that he has been repeatedly asking voters in the country about the quality of Biden’s work as the president, saying the recent findings are the worst yet.

He went on to lay the blame for this on the short working hours Biden puts in on a daily basis and the limited exposure he has to the public.

“The number of voters thinking Biden is really doing the job of president has entirely collapsed, down six points from 44% just over two months ago. The ‘others are making decisions for him’ response is up seven points from 48% at the end of February. It looks like these presidential lids and pictures of notes from Biden’s staged appearances might be starting to add up,” he stated.

“The poll followed reports that the sometimes confused-looking president works short hours, will only be put in public from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., and gets questions from reporters in advance so he can prepare answers,” the report detailed. “His age has been a factor in several polls, but Rasmussen found that a huge 73% believe will be a serious factor in the election next year.”

Biden reminds me of an android that is short-circuiting and thus glitching like crazy, because it’s hard to believe a human being can possibly make as many gaffes, missteps, and failings as this guy has. I refuse to believe it’s possible.

The one thing we know for sure is Biden is not in any shape, mentally or physically, to discharge the duties required of the president. On top of that, his policies have left a trail of destruction, whipping across the political landscape of America and ripping it to pieces like an F-5 tornado. Combine these two factors and you have the exact case why this man should not be elected for another four years.

I mean, not to be a jerk, but what are Biden’s chances of even living through his next term given his age? The last thing America needs is Kamala Harris as president. That should be something both left and right agree on.

That administration would be an even bigger dumpster fire than the current one.

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