Mark Wahlberg Says When He ‘Started Putting My Faith and Focus on God, Good Things’ Began Happening

In a recent interview with  Fox News, Mark Wahlberg had some interesting comments about faith, family, and what’s important in life.

The 51-year-old star of “Father Stu” said the most important thing to him besides his family is his faith and how without it, he wouldn’t have been able to handle the hard times. Wahlberg said once he “started putting” his “faith and focus on God, good things” happened to him. Many of us experience similar things with God and faith, but with his following, Mark Wahlberg is able to get out a very positive message many people need to hear.

The Hollywood A-lister has never been shy about baring his soul and exclaiming his faith. Like Chris Pratt, Wahlberg’s honesty has made him one of the more honorable, popular actors in the business. In the interview with Fox News, he said:

“I attribute everything good and everything positive in life to my faith,” Wahlberg said. “As soon as I started putting my faith and focus on God, good things started happening for me.”

It’s not always an easy path, however. Life has its ups and downs, even for mega-rich, mega-famous people like Wahlberg. Though he asserts putting his faith and focus on God changed everything, that doesn’t mean things immediately turned around for him.

In fact, leaning into his faith gave him the patience and coping skills to see through the tough times. A skill so many people lack. He continued: 

“And even when they didn’t, it gives you the coping skills to deal with things that are inevitable, like loss and failure and those things,” he added. “But, you know, again, my faith and my family, those are the most important aspects of my life.”

Wahlberg recently moved his family out of the rotting husk of California to the freer state of Nevada. He has big plans to turn Las Vegas into a small Hollywood while starting his own studio, among other things.

However, his primary motivator was his family. Wahlberg sought to give his kids the most normal life possible, and growing up in Hollywood wasn’t it. He continued on the topic of his family:

“My kids are doing fantastic,” Wahlberg said. “I wish I would’ve made the move sooner. … I spent lots of time in LA pursuing my own professional aspirations.

“And, so, to be able to now put them in a position to where they can pursue theirs, their interests, it’s definitely the right thing to do, and it’s long overdue,” he added.

Wahlberg and his wife have been married since 2009 and share four children together. Their oldest is 19 years old, and their youngest is 12, so getting out of Hollywood was the top priority for the “Uncharted” star. The teen years are especially crucial, as most kids that age have a hard enough time without being Mark Wahlberg’s kids.

Working on the movie “Father Stu” helped strengthen his faith. The story about a boxer becoming a Catholic priest became a  calling for the devout Catholic Wahlberg. The actor previously discussed the film and said it was “his calling” and “mission” to get this movie made.

Mark Wahlberg is a family man, an entrepreneur, and a very accomplished actor. We won’t mention his rap career. However, he is also an example for others in the industry. Wahlberg does it the right way, his priorities are in line, and he is reaping the fruits of his success with an eye toward why he is here; his faith and God. More woke Hollywood types would be well served to take a cue from his bravery and honesty and lean into faith and higher power for guidance and comfort.


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