Maryland Dad Beaten to Death After Protecting His Kid in Middle School Fight

A Maryland father was brutally beaten to death by a mob of teens and adults as he was trying to protect his child from a middle school fight.

Christopher Michael Wright, 43, was confronted outside his home by three teens and two adults that were looking for his fiancée’s 14-year-old son. Allegedly the teen was involved in a fight at the school earlier in the day, and the other teens involved and the accompanying adults were looking to finish it.

Sadly, instead of being level-headed adults, they finished the fight, killing Christopher Wright in the process.

According to the New York Post:

Christopher Michael Wright, 43, was outside his home Friday when he was confronted by three teens and two adults who were looking for his fiancée’s 14-year-old son, who had gotten in a fight with another teen at Brooklyn Park Middle School earlier in the day, WBAL-TV reported.

When Wright told the group that the boy was not going to come outside to fight, they told him, “’If he’s not going to fight, then you’re going to fight,’” Wright’s fiancée, Tracy Karopchinsky, told the outlet.

The mob attacked Wright, and he later died at an area hospital from major brain trauma. His fiancée, Tracy Karopchinsky, said this about what happened:

“Just looking at the damage that was done to him, that wasn’t just punching that did that. Like, there’s no way that punching did that. The damage was done before the ambulance ever took him away. I mean, he’d had a seizure. It was done. There was nothing that the hospital could do,”

Luckily the assault was caught on security camera, so the responsible parties should be identified and punished swiftly. However, when Karopchinsky tried to view the footage, it was too difficult to watch.

“My dad and I tried to go onto the camera to look, and the first video that comes up is my 12-year-old son screaming, ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,’ and running out of the house into the street to go help his dad,” Karopchinsky said. “And I couldn’t watch any more after that. I just couldn’t.” 

For now, the identities and race of the assailants isn’t being revealed. If the attacker were in fact people of color, likely the national media will ignore the story considering Wright is white. That remains speculation, but so far no one has been charged, despite the security footage.

School officials confirmed the fight at the school and said they are cooperating with Anne Arundel County police during their investigation, WBAL-TV reported.

No charges have been filed against any of the individuals involved.

We have a problem with parenting and discipline in America. Yes, kids will fight, especially when they are around each other all day, every day. However, adults coming along to join in is simply criminal, and any adults that participated should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

A man lost his life, and two kids lost their dad because the adults couldn’t control themselves or their kids.

“They didn’t just ruin our lives. Their lives are going to be changed forever. Their parents’ lives are going to be changed forever, and nobody thinks about that just from a fight,” Karopchinsky said. “It is everywhere, and somewhere, we as parents are failing these children as parents. It’s not the school’s responsibility. It’s our responsibility.”

It is a responsibility too-few parents want to bear. Until the adults are held accountable and are willing to actually parent their kids, this sort of thing will continue to happen.


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