More Drama at the Yellowstone: Kevin Costner Wants Approval on Conclusion of Series

Will we ever get closure down at the Yellowstone? Reports surfaced Monday that “Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner won’t commit to filming all of the remaining episodes of the show’s final season, leaving things in limbo for now.

There has been much rumor and speculation surrounding the second half of the season, which should have already aired. Still, here we sit, waiting to see who is going to the train station. The rumor has been that Costner is indeed being killed off of the top-rated series. Check this out.

Sources close to the production claim Costner was not informed ahead of time about Paramount’s Friday announcement that the show would be ending after the final half of season five airs in November, according to Puck News. And thus far, he reportedly hasn’t agreed to film the final episodes that are currently being written by the show’s co-creator, Taylor Sheridan.

The same outlet broke multiple stories early in 2023 surrounding ongoing tensions between Costner and Sheridan. “Yellowstone” is set to film in Montana throughout the summer and fall, but Costner is going back and forth with producer David Glasser over the number of days he will have to commit to, according to Puck.

Kevin Costner has a very busy schedule. He has numerous other projects, including a band he tours with. Apparently, Costner wanted to do all of his scenes in a matter of a couple of weeks, but that didn’t sit well with Sheridan. Another rumor had Sheridan being so underwater with scripts needing to be completed for his litany of spin-offs that he couldn’t get to the actual Yellowstone scripts in a timely enough fashion to accommodate his stars schedule. Who knows?

At least one or more of the sources claimed Costner won’t commit to returning to the show until he is satisfied with the fate of his character, John Dutton, Puck continued. Rumors suggest Costner doesn’t want to be killed off like Patrick Dempsey’s character in “Grey’s Anatomy,” who died in an F-you car crash, the outlet reported.

It is understandable that Costner would want some say in how his character ultimately meets his end. When the show debuted, it was Costner and a bunch of unknowns. Now, most of the actors are household names. It is a quality show, but without Costner’s star power, it may have never taken off like it did.

As for the future of the franchise:

As for the follow-up series, “Yellowstone: Something,” superstar Matthew McConaughey is reportedly “pretty much in.” The currently unnamed show won’t receive a full announcement until the writers strike concludes and other logistics are sorted throughout the production. So at least we have that to look forward to!

There is little known about the next series, but Sheridan has a track record of putting quality content out, and Matthew McConaughey is a solid star to attach the new series to. Whatever the fate of John Dutton, whether it be the train station or elsewhere, Yellowstone is sure to live on.


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