Patriotic American Brewery Smells Blood in the Water, Designs Awesome Summer Cans Supporting Veterans

With the April sales numbers in and Bud Light being crushed like an empty Dylan Mulvaney can, America’s oldest brewery has designed a new, kick-ass patriotic camo-themed can design that’s sure to bring a tear to every patriotic beer drinker’s eye. Or, more specifically, to put it in Bud Light’s virtue-signaling eye.

Yuengling, the Indiana-based brewery that touts itself as the oldest in America, has quickly seized the moment with AB flagging sales-wise due to the Dylan Mulvaney marketing disaster. Their sales have surged, as has Molson/Coors and most other competitors, as drinking Bud Light, while never particularly cool, is now decidedly uncool.

It is a sad time of life for Spuds McKenzie, as Bud Light is now more associated with Mulvaney and the marketing fiasco than good times with friends. Check this out from Outkick.

“Our summer fit is back. Rock the Stars & Stripes with us and @teamrwb all summer,” Yuengling’s brilliant marketing team wrote Monday on its Instagram page.

In a statement released Monday by the Pennsylvania-based brand, Chief Administrative Officer Wendy Yuengling leaned into red, white and blue theme that is a clear shot at woke Bud Light.

Yuengling is still American and still family-owned, as the namesake of the beer had this to say.

“As the Oldest Brewery in America, we are dedicated to supporting the U.S. military and are always seeking ways to further show our appreciation to those that protect our country’s freedom,” Wendy Yuengling said.

“We are grateful to partner with Team Red, White & Blue, an organization that shares our devotion to the men and women that have served as our nation’s heroes.” 

So, what goes better with a cold beer than good friends? Country music, of course! What is more Americana than cracking a few cans on the tailgate of a pickup truck jamming to the radio, and waiting for the farm owner to run you off? Apparently, Bud Light thought all of this “fratty” behavior meant no future for the brand. It turned out fratty behavior is what swilling cans of beer is all about!

In a devious move that is a direct shot across the bow of Bud Light, Yuengling has partnered with country superstar Lee Brice. Brice’s biggest hit refers to a girl “peeling off the Bud Light label” Any chance he changes that lyric?

The brand has also teamed up with Lee Brice, who will serve as a brand ambassador. Brice used to serve as a Bud Light ambassador.

Now comes the logical next question: Did Lee Brice sign a contract with Yuengling that will change the lyrics to his hit “One of them Girls,” while he performs this summer?

Are you one of them girls?
That peels off the Bud-Light label
Just might run a pool table
Roll your eyes if I call you an angel

“I am thrilled to be part of Yuengling’s efforts to support Team Red, White & Blue with these limited-edition cans. I can’t think of anything better than saluting our troops with a nice, cold Yuengling beer this summer,” Brice said in today’s press release.

What an unmitigated disaster for Bud Light. No one wants to be seen with a Bud Light in their hand, and the sharks in the water are swarming. Now Yuengling is using Bud’s former brand ambassador against them. It is going to be a long summer for Anheuser Busch. Maybe they will regroup, but for now, no one wants to be the pariah ordering up Bud Light at the bar, or carrying it into the cookout.






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