Podcaster Kara Swisher Defends CCP, Flips Out Over Montana TikTok Ban

Last week, the Montana Senate signed a bill to ban TikTok from civilian devices. The ban goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2024. It is a controversial move by the state, despite the fact that the federal government and many private entities have already banned the alleged Chinese spy app on company devices.

For a podcast host named Kara Swisher and her producer Nayeema Raza, they have an issue with the law. They railed against it during the most recent episode of On With Kara Swisher. Who is Kara Swisher? I don’t know either, but she is making some very scurrilous claims about Montana, conservatives, and Florida while kissing up to the CCP and TikTok. Truly unhinged stuff. Check this out.

“It’s a ridiculous virtue signaling of the right to do this because states have no business dealing with this. This is a national security issue. They have to prove it. The federal government — is working on this, but having a state do it just mucks up what they’re trying to do in a legal way,” said Swisher.

“You know, I was like, why don’t you get back to abusing trans people — like the six trans people who are in Montana.”

Sure, Kara, because conservatives care what trans people are doing. At least where adults are concerned. Now, when it comes to kids, that is a completely different conversation, and one Kara Swisher would be well advised to leave alone.

The intellectual discourse continued as Swisher downplayed its treatment of Muslim Uyghurs, which the U.S. Secretary of State declared genocide in 2021.

“Republicans are always the hardest on China,” Raza adds. “It’s always interesting when you see Marco Rubio just so concerned for Uyghur rights, but not concerned for the rights of women in his state.”

It is indeed possible to be concerned about both, but when women in Florida, the freest state in the Union, are in the same boat as the Uyghurs, then maybe she will have a valid point. For now, the most difficult decision most women in Florida have are what SPF to choose.

Once again, Swisher displayed her intellectual acumen with this confusing nugget:

Aren’t they full of ironies? I just feel like this is just not their business and they need to move on to the business of Montana. Which I don’t know. There’s lots of things I’m sure that people in Montana wanna focus on and it’s not gonna work and it’s gonna make everything a mess,”

Wow. There are certainly a lot of choices in the podcast space. Sports, lifestyle, music, politics; you name it, and you can find it. However, I’m afraid if you are a regular listener of Kara Swisher, perhaps you need to cancel your streaming services and reset your brain before it’s too late. Swisher is spitting some word salad that even a healthy dose of ranch can’t make more palatable.


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