Police Have Finally Identified Suspect Who Mowed Over 18 People At Southern Border; The Length Of His Criminal Record Is Insane

Law enforcement officers in Brownsville, Texas have finally identified the man accused of driving over 18 individuals close to the U.S.-Mexico border over the course of the weekend. The suspect’s name is George Alvarez and the length of this guy’s criminal history is insanely long.

According to the Daily Wire, there is a video of the horrific incident which shows a gray Range Rover that is traveling at a high rate of speed when it smashed into people who were minding their own business, living their own lives, sitting on the sidewalk. The video also captured the aftermath of the situation, revealing bodies that were badly disfigured, which includes victims who were missing limbs, the sidewalk and road doused in blood.

“The SUV ran a red light, lost control, flipped on its side and stuck a total of 18 individuals,” Brownsville Police Chief Felix Sauceda went on to say during a press conference on Monday. “It was further found that there were six fatalities on scene and 12 critically injured. From then to now fatalities have grown to eight. The investigation also revealed that the driver of the vehicle, later identified as George Alvarez, had attempted to flee the scene after impact, but was held down by several individuals on scene.”

“George Alvarez is a Brownsville local with an extensive rap sheet,” Sauceda continued. “He has been formally charged and arraigned with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

Alvarez is currently being held on $3.6 million bond.

“Police displayed a poster board that listed Alvarez’s criminal history, which included Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon (x2), Assault against Elderly or Disabled, Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member (x4), Assault of Public Servant, Burglary of a vehicle (x2), Assault Causing Bodily Injury, Criminal Mischief (x2), Driving While Intoxicated, Evading Arrest Detention, Interference with Public Duties, Obstruction or Retaliation, Possession of Marijuana, Resisting Arrest Search or Transport (x3), Theft of Property,” the Daily Wire’s report continued.

Law enforcement officials also revealed that, shock of all shocks, Alvarez was not cooperating and that they are still investigating whether or not the incident was intentional.

Regardless, the main thing we need to chat about here is the fact that much of this wouldn’t be an issue if the left wasn’t so soft on crime. How many times does a man need to violate the law before he is held accountable for his actions and pays the price for it? The guy had a rap sheet longer than Hunter Biden’s and that, my friends, is quite a feat. I’m sure Alvarez’s mother is oh so proud of her baby boy’s life accomplishments.

Anyway, criminals are often, these days, given more rights than those of their victims. Why do progressives fawn over the bad guys? It’s mostly, as are the vast majority of things with liberals, about race. It’s minority criminals who stand to benefit the most from these kind of policies.

What they don’t realize is they are being dehumanized. The left wants to see their right to vote reinstated so they can look at criminals and say, “Look what we did for you,” and get them to vote for them in elections. It’s about the power. Always, always, always.

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