Roseanne Barr Talks Candidly About Giving Child Up For Adoption, Speaks Out Against Abortion In Megyn Kelly Interview

Comedian and actress Roseanne Barr recently sat down for an interview with podcast host Megyn Kelly, where she spoke openly about her decision to give up a child for adoption before going on to deliver a passionate pro-life message concerning the “barbarity” of abortion. Man, Hollywood really needs to have more people like Barr coming out in favor of adoption as an alternative to the murder of pre-born children. Unfortunately, bold conservatives like Barr are often blacklisted from projects and have their platforms canceled due to their ideology and beliefs not lining up with leftist groupthink.

“In an episode of ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ released on Wednesday, Kelly quickly delved into Barr’s unusual childhood. Barr, now 70, grew up in the 1960s in one of the few Jewish families in Salt Lake City, Utah. From an early age, Barr dreamed of becoming a famous stand-up comic, but at 18, those dreams were temporarily derailed when she discovered that she was pregnant. Barr ultimately decided to place the baby girl up for adoption through a Jewish social services organization in Denver, believing in her heart that she would reunite with her daughter someday,” TheBlaze stated in a recent report.

“Barr recalled to Kelly that, from birth, her daughter had an oddly shaped ear, a distinctive marking that Barr believed was no accident. ‘God made her ear like that so I’ll be able to find her,’ Barr remembered telling herself all those years ago,” the report said.

While the ear did not actually lead to the pair being reunited, the infamous tabloid publication the National Inquirer did. Brandi Ann Brown officially reunited with Barr on her 18th birthday. How cool is that? During the interview, Barr spoke highly of her daughter, whom she says she has maintained a strong relationship with ever since.

Barr then spoke against terms like “biological” and “adoptive” mother, stating that Brown has two moms who love her. Now that’s class and maturity, which a lot of leftists accuse Barr of not having, especially after the controversy with Valerie Jarrett years ago. Yes, the comments she tweeted were atrocious, but people make mistakes and sometimes say stupid things. Rebuke and forgive.

Kelly then asked Barr about the kind of mindset she found herself in when she discovered she was carrying a child as a teenager with no husband. The podcast host, who is not one for beating around the bush, asked if the actress ever considered aborting the child. Barr denied ever considering that option saying, “That’s not for me. I have five kids. I’m glad I had them all.”

Beautiful statement. Children are a blessing from God. He allows us the privilege and responsibility of raising human beings who will carry out His purposes for the world He created. How awesome is that?

Barr then expressed her shock that abortion is even something that people still do in today’s world.

“It’s just barbaric that we haven’t come farther than that,” she remarked to Kelly.

“It really makes me mad that women have the right to choose,” she added, “and the choice they’re talking about is that — something so barbaric. They choose this barbarity. There’s a lot of reasons why, and they’re all horrible.”

The comedian then said that abortion isn’t an option “that anybody thinks of” because “we have the technology to prevent pregnancies.”

Amen, sister.

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