Shellyne Rodriguez, Machete-Weilding NYC Professor Charged and Arrested

The unhinged, leftist NYC professor that held a machete to the neck of a New York Post report and threatened to “chop” him has been arrested and charged.

A smug, smirking Shellyne Rodriguez, 45, appeared proud of her actions as she was escorted out of the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx in handcuffs just after 11 a.m. — several hours after turning herself in over Tuesday’s caught-on-camera threats.

The far-left professor had a cornucopia of anti-police tattoos on full display, including “FTP” (for “F–k the police”) inked on her fingers, as well as an image of brass knuckles and the boxing term “southpaw” scrawled across her hand.

On Tuesday, Post reporters knocked on her door to inquire about recently surfaced video of her harassing and destroying property of students who were approved to be displaying their anti-abortion position on campus. When she answered the door, she weirled a large machete and threatened the life of reporters before chasing them up the street brandishing the weapon.

It should be noted that knives of more than 4 inches blade length are illegal in New York, as is displaying a knife in public, both of which Rodriguez is also clearly guilty of, though not charged. While possession of a machete is not prohibited, when she clearly showed intent to “use it unlawfully against another,” she also violated New York law. Whether or not she will be slapped with those additional charges remains to be seen.

The series of events when the reporters tried to question her beg the question; why was this woman educating kids?

“Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete,” the unhinged professor screamed before barging out with the blade.

After the reporter and a photographer quickly exited the apartment building, dashcam video showed Rodriguez — still armed with the machete — chasing them down the street.“If I see you on this block one more f–king time, you’re gonna …,” Rodriguez said.

“Get the f–k off the block! Get the f–k out of here, yo!”

She then kicked the reporter in his shins before retreating back into her building.

Rodriguez was hit with harassment and menacing charges, despite the death threat and the physical assault, but in classic New York City fashion as a leftist she was undercharged. Contrast this with Daniel Penny, the Samaritan being praised by eyewitnesses despite accidentally killing a homeless person threatening passengers on a NYC subway. He is facing 2nd-degree manslaughter charges. It is small wonder the city is decaying in real-time.

Rodriguez has long been a violent activist and anti-police. During the misguided and illegal riots of 2020, she was arrested and zip tied by police, and has since filed suit against the city

In the wake of her machete threat, it emerged that Rodriguez is suing the NYPD for allegedly abusing her during the 2020 George Floyd protests and has previously organized a string of anti-cop protests in the Bronx, which led to mass arrests.

Rodriguez, who is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, claims she suffered nerve damage from being zip-tied when she was nabbed and put in a prisoner van with 14 other protesters.

Apparently Ms Rodriguez doesn’t understand that when you break the law and are arrested, certain things happen, like being cuffed or zip-tied.

Either way, this woman has no business being in education at any level. NYC finally fired her, and hopefully no other school decides to make the mistake of employing her anytime soon.

Featured image screen grab from embedded Youtube video


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