Tomi Lehren Blasts Los Angeles Dodgers Over Flip-Flop on Anti-Catholic Group

Recently the Los Angeles Dodgers disinvited a radical, anti-Catholic group from their Pride event. The group, called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” are well known for mocking Christianity and Catholicism. They have hosted such events as Easter themed pub crawls that mock the 12 Stations of the Cross, and “sexy Jesus” competitions. In short, they are clearly anti religion.

After pushback from LGBTQ groups in Los Angeles, the Dodgers caved and decided radical drag queens dressed as nuns were more important than Catholics and Christians, and for that matter baseball, as the whole spectacle has overshadowed what is supposed to be a childs game.

Tomi Lahren of Outkick had some interesting observations. Check this out.

After inviting a group of Christianity-mocking drag queens to receive a “community hero” award, the baseball club received a great deal of pushback and for good reason. So they pulled the invite.

I’d like y’all to formally meet the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” and a word of warning to anyone with a pacemaker or other life-sustaining medical device, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m not sure what makes that group deserving of a “community hero” award but I will list some of the group’s other “accolades.”

The group once hosted a pub crawl on Easter Sunday to mock “Stations of the Cross,” a commemoration of Jesus’ last day on Earth. 

On other occasions, these drag queens make a point to once again mock our faith with a “Hunky Jesus” competition.

And then there’s the whole “sexy dance” in Nun attire that’s not just gross but blasphemous and insulting and, quite frankly, torture of the eye. This is an anti-christian hate group.

The group masquerades as charitable and as community activists. In reality they are little more than a hate group. Doubtful the Dodgers would allow the Proud Boys or any other alleged hate group to attend and garner an honor from the city, so why are religious people fair game when it comes to discrimination and open mocking?

The dodgers want to characterize this group as community heroes worthy of awards and accolades. Hardly.

No, more accurately, some activists in the front office or in the MLB organization have hijacked the sport and made it appear as if this is something baseball fans — at large — endorse. 

Wrong. Baseball players, predominantly conservative. Baseball coaches, predominantly conservative. And baseball fans, predominantly conservative. 

So why then does this crap continue? 

I’ll tell ya why, because conservative athletes are too afraid to rock the boat and stand up for THEIR beliefs. 

Why? Leftist athletes don’t think twice about voicing their activism. They don’t care who they offend and they are often rewarded for it. 

But conservatives refuse. 

Conservatives are currently busy making Bud Light’s life hell, with Target in the on-deck circle. Hopefully people won’t forget the blasphemous activity going on in Dodger Stadium during their Pride celebration and will stay away from Chavez Ravine and the club altogether until another message is delivered; leave sports alone, and leave Christians alone, or you will pay financially. Just as Bud Light.


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