Tough Guy Rapper Who Bragged He’d Never Be Caught Cried in Cell, Cops Say

According to Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, pimps don’t cry. At least that is what they said in their hit movie “The Other Guys.” However, if you are a street tough, cop-taunting wannabe rapper from Chicago, while pimps may indeed not cry when thrown in a holding cell, you will!

At least that is the case for a smart-alec street tough from Chicago who raps under the name of Famous Richard. Now, the only thing Richard is famous for is being called out for being a little crybaby when he spent some time in the lock-up in Jamaica, Queens. Do the crime, do the time! Or maybe just boo-hoo and wet your diaper. Either way. Check this out.

A cop-taunting drill rapper wanted for trying to remove guns from officers’ holsters — and then boasting on social media that he would never be caught — was not only arrested but “crying in his cell,” cops said.

Richard Sharp, a self-proclaimed member of the Chicago-based Black Disciples street gang who performs under the name Famous Richard, was busted on May 12 in Jamaica, Queens, several weeks after cops released a safety alert about his brazen antics.

That is going to be hard for the wannabe thug to live down when he reconvenes with his homies in the Windy City. That is, provided he has the guts to go back.

After obstructing traffic in New York and being told to get out of the street by officers, little Dick decided to call out the officers and threaten to take their guns. How often does that work out? In this particular case, it went very poorly for lil’ Dickey.

Sharp, of Chicago, was obstructing traffic with another person in front of 178-07 119 Road, when cops ordered him to get out of the street, cops said.

He refused and barked, “I’m going to take your pipe.”

He intended “to intimidate officers and caused reasonable expectation of fear of taking the officer’s firearm,” an NYPD spokesperson said.

The officer then tried to arrest Sharp, who waved his arms wildly and tensed his body so the officer couldn’t handcuff him, officials said.

Sharp was arraigned on charges of making a terroristic threat, obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, menacing and disorderly conduct — which are all eligible for bail — and was released on his own recognizance.

Apparently, since being an idiot isn’t a crime yet, Sharp, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, was arrested and thrown in the pokey, where he decided to let the waterworks start.

As Sharp was leaving the jail, because New York simply won’t hold criminals, he decided to take to TikTok and taunt the police as he left. It didn’t go well.

“I’m King David,” Sharp says on a TikTok video as he points his index finger in a police officer’s face in Times Square, making a reference to gangster David Barksdale, the founder of the Black Disciples who died in 1947. “How you coming, Shorty?”

“You’re the guy that got arrested,” the young police officer responds. “You were crying in the cells. I remember that.”

Sharp shot another video in Midtown North Precinct where another group of cops remind him of his crybaby ways.

“What’s up son. You was crying in the cells last week, right?” the officer tells Sharp as he films.

“Who told you that?” Sharp demands.

“I saw you, bro,” the cops responds.

Sharp then asks another nearby police officer, “I was crying in the cells?”

“You were crying in the cells, big guy,” the officer responds.

“Stop lying on my name,” Sharp replies. “You got everybody on TikTok thinking I was really crying.”

Sometimes accidental comedy is the best. A street-tough, wannabe gangster like lil Dickey couldn’t hold back the waterworks, and now TikTok and his homies know about his soft side. The return to the mean streets of Chicago should be interesting. Sounds like Famous Richard is famous in all the wrong ways now.



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