Tucker Carlson Issues Response To Group Pushing For Him To Run For President

A political action committee that was launched to try and push former Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson to run for president in the 2024 race has now been shut down after the group received a legal threat from an attorney representing Carlson himself. This should be a definitive answer for those who are asking whether or not the political pundit has any plans to toss his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination.

It’s a big fat no, ladies and gentlemen.

“The Draft Tucker PAC was launched after Fox News took Carlson off the air and canceled his primetime show. Carlson is still under contract with Fox News and likely bound by a non-compete clause from relaunching another show, something he has promised to do. He is reportedly negotiating his departure from the network,” the Daily Wire reported. “The Draft Tucker PAC was launched amid speculation that Carlson might enter the presidential race. Harmeet Dhillon, Carlson’s attorney, shut down that speculation on Monday in a cease-and-desist letter to the PAC.”

“Mr. Carlson will not run for President in 2024 under any circumstances, and therefore your misrepresentations are damaging to Mr. Carlson and defrauding his supporters,” Dhillon went on to say in the letter, which was obtained by The Hill. “If you do not immediately cease and desist your efforts to solicit money to ‘draft’ Mr. Carlson, we will use every legal means at our disposal to vindicate his rights and protect his supporters from these misrepresentations.”

“You are using Mr. Carlson’s name and image for the value associated with it, trading on his good name to raise money for an organization Mr. Carlson does not support and for a goal he expressly and unreservedly stated he will never pursue,” the attorney added later in the letter, according to a report from The Daily Beast. “You appear to be using Mr. Carlson’s name, image, and likeness for your own benefit, including by raising money using Mr. Carlson’s name that you are using to pay yourselves and collecting a valuable list of donor’s contact information that you can then sell or lease for more profit.”

The attorney then asked the organization to hold on to documents, saying, “Mr. Carlson may be forced to pursue litigation.”

Charlie Kolean spoke with the Washington Times and said that the conservative commentator’s attorney asked the PAC to “cease all activities on his behalf. We are going to honor that request.”

Before the PAC shut down its operation, it only managed to raise $212 online, which is mere peanuts. However, the chairman for the PAC, Chris Ekstrom, poured a staggering $35,000 of his own cash into the project. The money the PAC raised is set to be donated to charity or returned to donors.

The PAC had been running a series of ads on Newsmax, asking for Carlson to run for president. After receiving Dhillon’s letter, the organization asked for the network to yank the ads.

Well, I mean, I guess we know that Carlson, as of now, has zero political aspirations. To be honest, he can do far more good doing his job as a journalist.

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