Two Families Throw Down At Walt Disney World In Florida, The Reason For The Rumble Is Absurd

So you know how people call Disneyland and Disney World the “happiest places on earth?” Well, it seems that’s not the case for everyone who takes a vacation to the wildly popular theme parks. The Daily Caller is reporting that a big, nasty rumble erupted after one family refused to make room for another family to take a photo. Yes, this is legitimate. People will fight and seek to hurt each other over pretty much anything at this point. Ridiculous.

A video appears to show the two families fighting in front of the Disney 100th-year anniversary sign. Both families are seen punching each other, with one man getting knocked to the ground, reported Fox35. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), at least one person received medical treatment, but no one is pressing charges, according to the outlet,” the report said.

“Disney employees called for backup. ‘Did you see how it broke out?’ a person can be heard saying in the video. ‘I was just walking right here, and I saw it just happening,'” the report added.

After the larger family was asked to move, a member of that family was feeling froggy, so they leapt, delivering a massive punch to someone belonging to the other family, according to an Orange County Deputy. The two individuals who started the fisticuffs were then removed from the park. Way to go, guys. You ruined your family’s trip, which likely cost two kidneys and a liver on the black market.

What’s even more disappointing about all of this is that fights at Walt Disney World are actually becoming so common that the park had to add a section to its courtesy guidelines last December that says, “Be the magic you want to see in the world. You must always remember to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion. Those who can’t live up to this simple wish may be asked to leave Walt Disney World Resort.”

There were several similar incidents that occurred at the park back in 2022, one of which took place in July and got quite a bit of media attention.

There are five universal truths that I have discovered during my nearly 40 years on this planet. Christ is Lord, we’re all going to die, taxes are stealing, everybody suffers at some point, and people suck.

That last point is put on full display on a daily basis thanks to the internet, especially when you see stories like these, featuring grown adults fighting over something as stupid as a photo op.

Given that it seems one family is white and the other black — I could be wrong on that, it’s hard to tell in the footage — one has to wonder if the racial division the radical left has worked hard to create played a part in all of this nonsense?

People most definitely seem a bit more keyed up these days, don’t they? Being bombarded by a 24/7 news cycle featuring mostly negative news has a tendency to impact your mental health and stress levels.

Anyway, be careful when taking your kids to Disney theme parks.

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