VIDEO: Doorbell Camera Captures Moment Shoplifter Immediately Regrets Stealing Stuff From Local Dollar General

A doorbell camera managed to capture the exact moment that a shoplifter regretted his decision to steal stuff from a local Dollar General store after a worker got into her Honda SUV and mowed him over on his bicycle. Ouch. This is a prime example of “**** around and find out,” ladies and gentlemen.

Some folks will likely say the worker went way, way too far in this situation. And I would say that’s an absolutely accurate assessment. The response was not in proportion to the act if you get what I’m saying. She should have just called the police. However, would the guy have been mowed down had he not stolen anything from the store? I think we can safely say “no.”

People have to learn to take responsibility for their actions.

According to the Daily Mail, “The incident, which happened on May 11 at around 11.20am, shows the man on a bicycle cruising along a sidewalk in Fresno, California, when suddenly a woman driving a white Honda, said to be a Dollar General employee by the owner of the camera, swerved into the alleged thief and knocked him off his bike.”

The impact from the employee’s vehicle was so hard that it warped the thief’s front bike wheel and sent him crashing down to the ground, groceries flying from his basket. The haul he stole included soda, bags of chips, and a bouquet of roses. Sounds like somebody was trying to get lucky.

I mean, does it really get more romantic than a dinner of soda and chips, accented by a bouquet of flowers? This dude is a regular Don Juan. Hope you’re taking notes, fellas.

As the two got into a swearing match, they both collected the spilled items – the woman picked up the bicycle’s detached basket and placed it and other items into the car, while the man held as many items as possible in his arms,” the report said. “ wrote to Dollar General for confirmation that the woman is indeed a Dollar General employee in Fresno, but did not receive a response.”

The Daily Mail noted there is a Dollar General store located approximately 420 feet north of the house on West Shields Avenue, however, it’s not clear at the moment if it is the same store where the employee allegedly works.

Law enforcement officers in Fresno were not able to confirm any details, however they did stated that a “call of action” was made between both dispatchers and officers concerning the situation, which took place at the intersection of West Princeton Avenue and North Brawley Avenue.

Eric, who owns the house that was equipped with the camera that captured the footage, stated that he has still not heard from local authorities.

“I actually was totally shocked when it happened. I watched it live on my Ring camera while I was at work and could not believe that I was watching it unfold in my driveway. The more I watched the video, the funnier it got,” the man went on to say about the video.

“After the man fell off the bike, the woman got out and confronted him aggressively. The pair can be heard exchanging barbs as they ironically collect the fallen items fairly calmly,” the Daily Mail reported.

After the man on the bike got up, he and the alleged employee get into a shouting match with each other where he refers to her as a “f***ing b***h.” The woman then asks the man who he thinks he is to steal stuff from her store? I mean, that’s a legitimate question, right?

He responds by saying, “You don’t live the life I live, b***h.”

The two individuals continue the back-and-forth, though you can’t really hear a lot of the dialogue. The thief allegedly tells the employee that the situation — his stealing stuff — isn’t a serious situation, not one that calls for her running him over, attempting to justify his actions by pointing out other people steal from the store too.

He then says she’ll be going to jail for hitting him, claiming he’s going to be pressing charges. To be fair, he’s probably going to go to jail, so who knows whether or not he’ll actually be able to press charges.

Featured image: Screenshot from tweet.

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