What Former Army Ranger Is Now Doing For Veterans Is Simply Awesome

What a former Army Ranger is currently doing after leaving military service for his fellow veterans is simply awesome. And it’s all due to an organization helping to provide structure, guidance and a path forward for the warriors who have given so much of their selves to serve and protect this country and the values it stands for. This is what a real hero looks like, ladies and gentlemen.

A new report from Fox News saysYuma Barnett of Georgia went through The Honor Foundation’s program — and told Fox News Digital in an interview that it would not be ‘an overstatement to say that it changed my life.’ Many thousands of other American veterans with U.S. Special Forces backgrounds have a fighting chance to take their significant military experience and turn it into success on the civilian side with the help of The Honor Foundation (honor.org), headquartered in San Diego, California.”

The nonprofit organization has several locations in the U.S., along with having a digital presence in order to provide their services to as many former military members as possible.

Barnett, who has four kids, a wife, and is an entrepreneur, revealed that he discovered the program through several of his colleagues who were trying to transition from military service over to being an ordinary citizen, specifically out of the Special Ops world. That’s a pretty serious line of work that takes a certain kind of mindset. As a result, it’s not hard to understand why people like this need to have some additional help returning to normal society.

The honor Foundation was made exclusively for Special Operators. There are 60,000 such people in the United States.

“We provide a clear process for professional development and a diverse ecosystem of world-class support and technology,” the group explains on its website. “Every step is dedicated to preparing outstanding men and women to continue to realize their maximum potential during and after their service career.”

Barnett is currently the owner Barnett Multimedia, which is a company that offers clients photography, videography, and custom made art and livestreaming  for a wide variety of clients.

The veteran said he initially transitioned back to the civilian world in 2004, when went back for a short stint not long after.

Barnett explained that he had a very rough transition the first time around, going on to say that this initial attempt was before he sought help from the Honor Foundation, “that I knew that the second time, I had to do something more to be successful on the other side of the uniform,” he commented.

“I wanted to go through The Honor Foundation’s program so that I could set myself up for greater success this time,” he explained during the interview. Barnett then revealed that when he was brought into the program he said it would not be an overstatement to say it changed his life.

Barnett said he grew up in New Mexico on a cattle ranch and signed up to serve in the military right after graduation.

“So I was used to being part of a team. In high school, I was part of a team, the basketball team. Then, when I joined the military, I was a part of team” for over 20 years he remarked. He left the Army on May 1 of 2022, saying his career “just ended,” saying “I was no longer part of a team anymore.”

Almost immediately after his service ended, he was all alone in the civilian realm, without a team or support.

“When you leave the Special Operations world, they take your badge away, you leave and you walk out the door — you can’t even get back in the building anymore,” he explained.

“I went to The Honor Foundation for help with the transition. And while they say it’s a transition program — at the end of the day, it’s really a life-changing program. It helped me understand who I was without the uniform,” the former Ranger added.

Barnett said what sets the Honor Foundation apart from similar groups is that they hold members accountable. He then said if you don’t attend the class, if you aren’t involved, if you don’t put in the effort, they won’t let you graduate from the program.

Here’s more from Fox News:

Matt Stevens, CEO of The Honor Foundation and a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, told Fox News Digital in a phone interview, “The one thing I want people to know about The Honor Foundation is that our impact isn’t limited to the program we provide to the service members who are transitioning out of their military posts.” 

Rather, he said, “we’re strengthening their families, we’re infusing our communities with servant leaders — and we’re enriching the workforce with talented entrepreneurs, executives, creatives and visionaries.”

Our military sacrifices so much in order to protect us from our enemies and to preserve our values, they deserve all of the help we can possibly give them. Kudos to those involved in this group for helping our warriors find their place in the civilian world.

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